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What is a community manager?

This professional figure, so fashionable in recent years, refers to a person managing an Internet community, online, digital or virtual, or to a community manager acting as a brand auditor on social media. With a total interest in the development or implementation of all kinds of strategies in what concerns digital marketing.

It is not surprising that a self-respecting community manager is the company’s representative in the digital environment and should therefore be an excellent communicator. Both within the company and outside, and this is the part that should bring a certain professional competence. If it can come from the field of journalism, advertising, marketing or communication. Also supported by specialized training in digital marketing and social media management.

Community Manager: its main functions

You are certainly wondering what profile this professional figure should have. To begin with, it must be a person who loves social media and who offers a high level of professional empathy, creativity and a desire to improve engagement with new technologies and, of course, online. But not only, but on the contrary, it should be accompanied by a solid knowledge of other disciplines or subjects, such as those that we are going to discover below, among the most important:

  • Draft strategy
  • Community management
  • Evaluation and management of processes and projects
  • Crisis management
  • Customer
  • Tools 2.0

In this general context, these highly qualified professionals add value to an excellent network impact on social media that helps to better implement strategies in the planning of a site. Regardless of its nature and the direction in which it adopts the company’s guidelines. In this way, the community manager can be a solid support for the right decision-making in the direction of digital business.

How do I know if I need it for my ecommerce?

This is a key question in this type of site that can easily be answered with the approaches used. Ultimately, it is a matter of looking above other technical considerations on another valuable content of the sector or area of the company in which it operates, which could be of interest to its backers. This is an aspect that you need to consider to find out if you really need that professional figure from now on.

On the other hand, we must also highlight the important fact that a community manager is a person who must know and be committed to other disciplines. It should not be forgotten that it performs interdisciplinary functions.

Create empathy for your community. As important as it is, it can be one of the most important keys to the success or failure of a good community manager. In this sense, it is necessary to create an emotional connection with your users, who interact with the content you have created, encouraging them to interact and add value to all their activities.

Another aspect that we must analyze to include this professional character in our development team is that related to the goals we are aiming for in our store or our online business. And where the following features that we currently offer stand out.

In parallel with the company/brand objectives, develop a social media strategic plan where measurable and tangible objectives are set (number of followers, “I like you”, RT, number of visits on social media, etc.)

Analyze the data obtained from the measurement tools and make changes to the strategy if they are really necessary.

Commitment, listening and problem solving are the 3 main keys that every community manager should be able to accomplish.

Use all the information for the benefit of the company, previously managed and organized, which it receives from users or subscribers of the brand.

So, after everything we have related to its features, it’s time to ask the Last question: are you interested in having a community manager for your online store? It may happen that in some cases, but in others it will not be necessary from a point of view.

How to choose this profile?

This is another of the most appropriate approaches that you should ask yourself from now on. Among them, the fact of counting or mastering several languages to maintain a much more fluid relationship from that moment on.

The choice of a community manager simply consists of mastering several languages. The fact is that you may no longer dedicate yourself to selling abroad, but with the ease and possibilities offered by e-commerce, you will never really know.

In addition in this way, you can see and analyze what the foreign competition is doing on social media and, therefore, you can apply these techniques to your brand.

Be an innovative person from the very beginning

The success of your brand on social media will be based on content. Whether it’s text in messages, videos, photos, infographics, directly … without a doubt, when choosing a community manager, he must be creative in terms of the content he shares, know the tastes of customers and design and create valuable publications for himself. In this sense, if you have knowledge about video recording and editing, it is better because video is currently better distributed.

In no case should we forget that the community manager must navigate in very innovative areas to do his job with a guarantee of success. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the features that requires a deeper learning of these essential skills for the proper functioning of a site or an ecommerce.

What is community management?

Know your brand with precision

It is more than obvious to communicate the values of your brand correctly, to know how to sell your products or services … you must know the company well. For this reason, it is often preferable to have an internal CM who knows the company better than the external CM. Be that as it may with a domain covering everything related to the commercial brand that you represent at that moment.