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What is a matchmaking platform?

A matchmaking platform is a website that aims to facilitate contact between people or entities who have a common interest, whether to propose or request a service, a product, information, etc. There are different types of matchmaking platforms, depending on the sector of activity, the target audience, the method of remuneration, etc. For example, there are platforms for connecting between individuals (C2C), such as Airbnb or Vinted, platforms for connecting between professionals (B2B), such as Amazon Business, and platforms for connecting between professionals and individuals (B2C), such as Booking

What are the differences between Linkcm and other platforms?

As a rule, platforms send you bulk quotes (sometimes not targeted), or sell you leads.

In no case, we operate on these 2 approaches.

Another case, from a budget allocated to the platform, they set up a whole strategy for you via influencers (taking their commission).

In our logic, it is the company that comes to you to see how to create a strategy together. We do not take a commission or credit through the contact, but only a subscription for access.

LinkCM is concretely more of a meeting platform between a company and a community manager or an influencer, who is looking for his expertise either for one-shot work or regular work.

What is the point for a community manager to be on a matchmaking platform?

The interest for a community manager to be on a matchmaking platform is to be able to find professional opportunities, to make himself known and to develop his network. Indeed, a matchmaking platform makes it possible to :

Get in touch with companies or individuals who need digital communication services, community animation, content creation, etc.
Present your profile, skills, achievements and references to potential customers or partners.
Exchange with other professionals in the sector, share best practices, tips, tricks, resources, etc.
Train and keep informed of trends and developments in the profession of community manager.

What is the interest for an artisan or trader to have a community manager to manage his social networks?

The interest for an artisan or a trader to have a community manager to manage his social networks is to be able to :

Increase its visibility and notoriety on the web, by drawing the attention of Internet users to its activity, its products, its services, its values, etc.
Create and animate a community of customers, prospects, partners, fans, etc., by offering them interesting, useful, entertaining content, etc., and interacting with them.
Build customer loyalty and keep them coming back, by offering benefits, promotions, exclusive information, events, etc.
Generate traffic to its website or physical store, by encouraging Internet users to click on links, subscribe to a newsletter, book online, visit the site, etc.
To develop its turnover and profitability, by converting visitors into buyers, by increasing the average basket, by reducing the churn rate, etc.

To benefit from these advantages, however, it is necessary that the community manager is competent, professional and adapted to the target and the objectives of the craftsman or the merchant. He must know the specifics of the business sector, the expectations and needs of potential customers, the codes and rules of social networks. He must also be creative, responsive, diplomatic and rigorous.

How to find a good community manager?

Finding a good community manager is not an easy task, because you have to take into account several criteria, such as :

Knowledge of your sector of activity, your target, your objectives and your brand image.
The mastery of social networks adapted to your strategy, as well as content creation and analysis tools.
The ability to write relevant, attractive, original and adapted content for each platform.
Reactivity, diplomacy, creativity and interpersonal skills to interact with your community and manage crisis situations.

To find a good community manager, you have several options :

Use a community management agency or a social media agency, which will offer you tailor-made services, but which will also be more expensive and less flexible.
Recruit an internal community manager, who will be more involved and more available, but who will also require training and support.
Hire a freelance community manager, who will be more affordable and more autonomous, but who will also require good communication and regular follow-up.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to check the skills and references of the community manager you are considering hiring. You can consult his portfolio, his personal or professional social networks, his customer testimonials, etc. You can also ask him to carry out a test or an audit to assess his ability to meet your needs.

Link CM has included these important criteria in the search modules, thus making it possible to better target the right community manager efficiently and quickly

How do I know if a community manager is effective?

To know if a community manager is effective, it is necessary to measure the impact of his strategy on social networks. There are several indicators that make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the community manager, such as :

Community engagement: this refers to the number and quality of interactions between the community manager and his audience, such as likes, comments, shares, private messages, etc. A good community manager must be able to create interesting content, generate reactions and engage with his community.
The reach of the community: This is the number of people who see the content of the community manager, whether organically or for a fee. A good community manager must be able to optimize the visibility of his content, choose the right social networks and the right formats, and use advertising tools if necessary.
The return on investment (ROI) of the strategy: this is the ratio between the benefits and the costs generated by the community manager’s strategy. A good community manager must be able to define clear and measurable objectives, monitor performance indicators and adapt his strategy according to the results.

The difference between a nano or a micro influencer?

To determine if a person is a nano or a micro influencer, we must look at the number of subscribers or followers he has on social networks. There is no official definition, but here are the most commonly used forks :

A nano influencer has less than 10,000 subscribers or followers. He often specializes in a niche field and has a strong proximity to his community. It can have a high engagement rate, but a limited reach.
A micro influencer has between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers or followers. He is usually passionate and an expert in a field, and shares content with a targeted audience who follows his news more than his personality. He can have a good persuasive power and a good engagement rate.

These categories are not fixed, and there are also terms like macro influencer or mega influencer to designate people who have more than 100,000 subscribers or followers. The important thing is to choose the influencers who best match the strategy and objectives of the brand, taking into account their audience, their affinity, their credibility and their budget.

Link CM has chosen to make it more visible and to have a choice on the nanos or micro influencers (niche or local topic)

Does LinkCM exist in other countries?

Yes LinkCM is present in 6 countries :

United Kingdom

Why is it mandatory to have  register?

In order to avoid problems for billing between professionals

We eliminate non-professionals in this way.

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