Networking platform

The qualities of the community manager

Be creative!

As a community manager, you work in a super cool environment. The creations that you send to the world immediately represent a brand. Instagram Facebook is a social media platform, and the dynamics of the online world are so different from those of many traditional companies, not least because the algorithms of social giants such as Instagram and Facebook decide which content is displayed and which is not.

This does not necessarily have to be done at the content level; indeed, it is better that the foundations of your company are correct rather than having to compete at the content level. The best method is to develop your strategy, your base and create your content from there. But it starts there; your concept must be different from that of others. It’s that simple. And the best ideas are often those that are a little “weird” to begin with (think Walt Disney, Steve Jobs or Henry Ford). So, do you think differently from others? Do you dare to be “a little weird” in the eyes of others? This could well be to your advantage as a community manager!

The visuals first

This is what the social media industry report reveals. This is not really a surprise since all networks are also “visual” first. Think of Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. In short; the visual first is an essential state of mind if you want to become a community manager. You don’t have to create everything yourself (you can do it), but a sense of design, photography and therefore images is useful in a society that is becoming more and more visual online.

Something to do with people

Many people think that social networks are “technology companies”. This is an idea that is often conveyed by the traditional media. But honestly… Social networks such as Facebook have been made great partly thanks to sociologists.

It is a real advantage to have empathy and to understand the (online) relationships, the needs and the desires of your followers (and, hopefully, some of your offline customers). This way, you can better understand your followers and their needs, and thus build a real online community for the long term.

Trend watcher

Social media can increase your brand awareness and make it easier for you to find yourself in this area in the future (is it just a strategy to consider right now?).

As a community manager, you analyze trends and relevant events in your environment and you react accordingly. As a community manager, you have a head start and are eager to get started!

And… how are you going to get income from it, sales?

Many marketing departments aim to get more “likes”. In itself, this is a good thing, but if you really want to master your marketing, it is important to start on a good foundation. It is important to have a plan and a strategy. Your long-term vision is really very important. Creating an Instagram account is one thing. Maintaining a thriving community is a second thing. Getting income from it is a third thing. And getting benefits from it is the fourth thing. Getting long-term benefits is five.