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How to become an influencer

One of the questions that many people ask themselves, especially the youngest, is “how to become an influencer”. I don’t know if there is a recipe for success, because I don’t know exactly what they think the influencer is and wants to be.

What is an influencer?

You are not an influencer. It is a title that is given to you by a third party, depending on the work you produce and the influence you have. Therefore, it is more correct to say that the influencer has an effect on the community that follows him rather than on masses of people.

If, for example, a footballer has a great impact on the fans of his team, then for them he can be an influencer. For his non-football fans or opponents, he is not.

What is not an influencer?

The misconception about influencers, which makes many young people want to call themselves that, is the advantages they seem to have. And because “watching” is a greater temptation than “being”, the first thing that seems and “dazzles” is the number of subscribers that well-known influencers usually have.

However, the number of followers does not mean that you are an influencer. Maybe in some cases, and a little earlier, good influencers had many subscribers, but this was a reward for their work. Not to accomplish their task. So the large number of subscribers setting just doesn’t hold up.

In addition, many are looking for ways to monetize the subscribers they have. Which means, exploit them in a certain way to make money. A potential influencer does not have this in mind, at least not in a direct way. So if you want to be an “influencer” to earn more, you start with completely wrong goals and a base.

Finally, there is this impression that an influencer has a lot of profits, which are not necessarily financial. That is to say corporate gifts, trips, stays in luxury hotels, glamor, etc. This is not true.

If someone is a public figure, it makes (more) sense to have some of the above, but certainly not to the extent that you might expect. But this has nothing to do with being an influencer, but with being a public figure. And it is very common for public figures to have many followers.

How to become an influencer

Based on the above, how does one become an influencer nowadays? it should have been realized by now that you are not becoming such, because this is not a profession that you choose. Now, if we change the title a little bit and it becomes “How can someone win the title of influencer?”then maybe something will happen.

Influencers are what they think they are, influential people. People who are responsible for their actions because they form perceptions through what they say.

Thus, we cannot be called an influencer because it motivates people to buy a product or a service. There he advertises by exploiting external factors (he can be a public figure, an actor, a journalist or have a well-known TV / radio show).

But he will be qualified as an influencer if by what he does, he helps those who follow him to achieve something. And this something is not measured in material goods.

What makes an influencer

The Influencer can help his followers to change their perception on a delicate subject. To be made aware of someone else. They might become more receptive to absolute things. This can help them improve their self-confidence. Trust their abilities more. Or give them what they needed and who they were looking for to take a decisive step in their life. And all this shapes character and perceptions.

The number of followers does not mean anything. But it does mean something if even just one person has changed their life for the better because of the effect that particular influencer has had on them.

If someone has the maturity and can answer the above, nothing specific is needed. All he needs is to be himself. With his words on social networks, he can attract people who find him interesting.

Just look at what influencers do – those who form perceptions. They use the media to get their message across, making sure that the result of the message has a nice positive influence. It also helps with the personal brand image they are building. And gradually their attractiveness grows.